Yom Teruah, the feast of trumpets, marks the beginning of the new year in Israel.  Elul ends and Tishri begins as the shofars/trumpets are blown at sunset.

Preparing for the Feast of Trumpets:  The whole month of Elul is used to reflect on oneself and relationship with God.  The sound of the shofar each day is intended to awaken the soul and kick start the spiritual accounting that happens throughout the month. Read Ps 27 from now until September 11th. Take responsibility for personal behavior and seek forgiveness from those we have wronged or with whom we otherwise have “missed the mark” in our interactions and behaviors.

I have been asked by some why we are celebrating the Feasts of Trumpets on the 11th instead of the 9th and 10th.  Marking time has since the diaspora been done by using the Hillel II method used to construct the Jewish calendar.  However, much research has been conducted and many in Israel have begun marking time again according to the moon sightings in Jerusalem. When the small sliver of light shows on the new moon, that is the beginning of the month.  Hillel II did a fantastic work putting together a calendar that would suffice when there was no one in Israel to actually look for the first crescent sliver of the new moon. The Torah calendar is based on the movements of the moon and the agricultural cycles in the Land of Israel. In the Second Temple Period (when Jesus walked the earth), the New Moons were not determined by pre-calculations but by visible sightings. The current Rabbinical Jewish Calendar (so-called Hillel II Calendar) was not in use in His day. Now that the first crescent sliver of the new moon can once again be sighted in Israel, we can return to the Torah calendar.

Remember that one of the idioms of the Feast of Trumpets is the feast that “no one knows the day or the hour”. With our current knowledge though, we can be very confident about the day when the first sliver of the crescent moon will be seen in Israel. Using that information, we are celebrating Yom Teruah, Rosh Hashanah on Sep 11. The sun sets at 7:42 and if the clouds are gone, we should be able to see the new sliver of the moon.

To participate be at the church by 7:30 Tuesday the 11th.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me! I am trying to do everything I can to inform us and lead us to follow the directions of our LORD GOD.

In His Steps,

Pastor Ann

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