Articles of Faith

Articles of Faith Study Map

The illustration above is provided as a visual reminder of the Articles described below.

These 16 statements are the basis of what we believe.  They are the foundational doctrines of the Church of the Nazarene and are collectively called “the Articles of Faith.”

The first three articles describe the God we believe in.

I. The Triune God – We believe in one eternal and infinite God.  This article is illustrated by a triangle.

II. Jesus Christ – We believe in Jesus Christ.  He is shown kneeling in prayerful obedience because He came as a servant, to teach us how much God loves humanity.

III. The Holy Spirit – We believe in the Holy Spirit.  The image represents the Holy Spirit as a dove with fire.

Article Four acts as a bridge between the first three articles about God and Articles five to ten, which show the journey of humanity from sin to a perfect relationship with God.

IV. The Holy Scriptures –We believe in the in the Bible as the only Holy Scriptures.  The image of a book represents the written Word of God.

V. Sin, Original and Personal –We believe in sin: original and personal. The apple bitten on both sides reminds us of Adam & Eve’s original sin and of our own personal sin.

VI. Atonement – We believe in atonement through Jesus’ death on the cross.  The picture of the cross is on top of the apple because the cross crushed sin for those who believe.

VII. Prevenient Grace – We believe that God’s grace comes before we choose to follow Him.The picture represents a gift in a box, waiting to be opened.

VIII. Repentance – We believe that repentance involves a real change of attitude and behavior with the humble confidence of God’s mercy.  The image of a bent arrow shows the turn away from sin that leads to our new life.

IX. Justification, Regeneration, and Adoption – We believe in justification, regeneration and adoption.

  • Justification — The judge’s gavel represents the judgment of God that graciously forgives us, recognizes us as righteous, and acquits us (Romans 3:21-26).
  • Regeneration or New Birth — The picture of the baby shows that, by the grace of God, we become a new creation (John 3:2, Corinthians 5:17).
  • Adoption as a Child of God — The picture of a father welcoming his child reminds us of God’s grace as He adopts us into His family (Romans 8:15-17).

X. Entire Sanctification – We believe in entire sanctification.  The picture of the white dove within a heart symbolizes that this is the purification of the heart and the power (symbolized by fire) to walk with God, listening to Him and doing His will.  This implies loving God with ALL our heart, mind, and soul and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Articles 11 to 14 describe the church and three expressions of its faith.

XI. The Church – We believe in the Church, the community that confesses Jesus Christ as Lord, pictured as a brick building.  Note that each brick has people in it, representing the connection of believers.  The missing brick reminds us that we are the Church, but it is not yet complete.

XII. Baptism – We believe that Christian baptism declares faith in Jesus as Savior, death of the old life of unbelief and sin, and rising to new life in Him.  The picture demonstrates an immersive baptism.

XIII. The Lord’s Supper – We believe in the communion as a sacrament begun by Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, to be observed only by those who have determined their belief in Him.  The picture shows bread and a cup, the two parts of the Lord’s Supper.

XIV. Divine Healing – We believe that God heals through faith, as well as through means of medical science.  The picture of someone praying to God near a sick person stresses that prayer is a key element of divine healing.

The last two articles speak of the future:  Christ’s return and our final destiny.

XV. Second Coming of Christ – We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will come again, although no one knows the day or hour of His return.  The pictures shows Jesus coming from heaven with clouds below His feet.

XVI. Resurrection, Judgment, and Destiny – We believe that the dead will be resurrected and judged; those who have believed in Him and done good will inherit eternal life and those who have not believed, but continued in sin will be condemned.  Th last picture shows someone rising from death; the picture of the gavel represents God’s judgment; the pictures above illustrate the two destinies: fire for those condemned and the gates of heaven for those who believed in Jesus and have done God’s will.