New church-mission in Venezuela

From Nazarene Missions International comes this wonderful news!  Please pray for the success of this new outreach opportunity in Venezuela. 

Church of the Nazarene in Venezuela enters new territory

Puerto Auachucho, Venezuela

Venezuela First District Evangelism Coordinator Alfredo Gómez and his team opened a new church-type mission 11 October in the Amazon State. The mission is located in the La Florida neighborhood in the city of Puerto Ayacucho.

After months of prayer, District Superintendent Jimmy De Gouveia and Gómez decided to start the pilot church in Amazon State, which is one of the largest states in the country, with a population of 175,000. Until now, the Church of the Nazarene has not had a presence in the state.

Gómez designated Yenny Vargas as leader of the mission. She will receive training in a local evangelism program called “The Route of Hope,” JESUS film, and other evangelistic tools.

On 12 October, Vargas, Gómez, and the rest of the team walked through the community to invite the residents to a showing of the JESUS film. Of the 20 people that came, 12 made a profession of faith. That weekend, the church held its first Sunday service.

Church of the Nazarene South America

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When you pray, remember that this country is in deep financial crisis which is having a serious impact on every person who lives there.  Food, medicine and even gasoline has become difficult to obtain.  Unemployment is over 50% and over 10% of the population have fled in the past three years, according to Reuters News.  There is great need for the joy and salvation of our Lord.

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