Sunday School

Diving Into the Word

Sunday School is an opportunity to really dive into the Word of God.

Grades K-4 focus on biblical events and personalities.  They learn the history of Israel and how God has been involved with His people and us.

Grades 5-6 get deeper into the word focusing on the beliefs of the church and the creeds. They are learning what it means to be a Christian and what we believe.

Grade 7-12 are the teen years when many children ask themselves, “What is this life all about?” They start to question and doubt those things of their parents as they try to define themselves.  Many teens may attend church but most have already left the faith. Why? Through open and frank discussion, we learn that truth and purpose can only be found in Christ not in the things of this world. The best time to prepare for these spiritual battles is before they occur – no surprises.

Adult Sunday school is intended to teach and encourage believers through open discussion and prayer. The bible study strives to help us identify those things which are entangling and hindering our relationship with Christ.  Open discussion helps us understand we are not alone in our spiritual struggle but have brothers and sisters who can relate to us.  We encourage one another to persevere and not grow weary or lose heart!