By His Blood

By. His. Blood.  That isn’t an appealing title. It is an appalling title.  If it was a book title, would you buy it?  If it was a song title, do you think you’d turn the radio up?  Maybe…. if you’re interested in horror stories.

What if I told you you could only find this in the “romance” section?  Would you think it a lie because these two things have no indicator that would unite them?

Pastor Ann has spent three weeks teaching us about our IDENTITY in Jesus.  We are ADOPTED into HIS family, not as servants or slaves but as sons and daughters.  How could this possibly work?  If you have been with us, you’ve heard about His LOVE for us.

Join us this week as Pastor Ann explores what His love for us and our adoption cost.  It is a free gift for anyone who is willing.  But there was a price.  Come find out what that was and how you can be adopted too!

Sunday morning at 10:55!

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