We have a new board for the upcoming fiscal year!  Please take a moment to encourage them when you see them.  Expect to see some changes coming.


Trustees: Tom Brown, Tom Merrill and Sid Sharp

Stewards: Nicole Arambula, Anne Frazer and Stephanie Vasquez

SDMI: Dick Conner

NMI: Gary Hohner

Secretary: Charlene Conner

Treasurer: Keith Frazer

These fine, brave folks will be joining with Pastor Ann and Pastor Patrick to lead our church forward this year.  Your prayers for each of them are deeply appreciated.


What is your IDENTITY?

For the past four weeks Pastor Patrick has led us on a journey to learn about God’s Will. Now that we are a bit more grounded in this knowledge…
Pastor Ann will be back at the pulpit this week with a message about our IDENTITY in Christ.
Do you know who you really are? Do you know who He has called you to be? Do you know what this means? Do you know what it takes?
Then join us Sunday morning at 10:55 in the Worship Center. If you’d like to come early, breakfast is available for $2 donations at 9:00 a.m. Adult Sunday School is offered at 9:30. *Please note there is not child care available at that time. Childcare is available for morning service beginning at 10:30.

Last Chance to hear God’s Will Sermon Series!

Pastor Patrick has been on fire the last 3 weeks! He has one more sermon in this wonderful series on “The Will of God.” If you have missed any of the previous ones, this last one is definitely NOT one you want to miss.
The first week he explained God’s Determinate Will (He spoke …. and it was so.) The 2nd week was devoted to God’s Permissive Will (his gift of free will to us). Last week he focused on God’s Will for the World (why Jesus was sent & the law).
This coming week Pastor Patrick will be speaking on God’s Will for the Individual (Yep folks! That would be us!) Please join us Sunday morning at 10:55 to learn more about Him and what His Will for each of our lives might be!
It promises to be thought provoking and eye-opening!